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Welcome to CYCF, where you find potential youths who are contributors to the world development through experience sharing and make equal decision amongst themselves.

As you get throught this site, we hope you shall get interesting articles that will help enrich you morally, academically and culturally.

as you meet your need, aspiration and upon viewing what we do, we hope you shall be a mediator or a messenger who shall transfer the information to others so that we can make a better world. For the youths who are the leaders of today and better leaders of tommorrow.

Cameroon Youths Communication Forum (CYCF), a non-governmental, non-profit, non-denominational organization, registration number GP/SW/038/09/8179, aimed at delegating and directing youths on morals, academic and cultural excellence. CYCF fights against social vices like prostitution, child labour, trafficking, forced labour, rape victim and sexual molestation... More

Our Participation goes far beyond the offices, our activities engage youths in career building activities...


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